Saturday, December 2, 2006

Pink in Pop Culture

While the Anglosphere typically refers to adult films as "blue movies", in Japan these films are often called "pink movies". They are associated with females and generally carry a connotation of feminine, innocent, childlike, qualities. Cherry blossoms tend to show pink, so this relation may be hinted at in anime. Pink also carries a connotation of sexuality in Japan. This may be because of pink's association with women, or from the pink hue of flesh, the pink hue of a blush, or any number of such reasons.
In Spanish, a novela rosa ("pink novel") is a sentimental novel aiming to women, in which a heroine lives a passionate love.
The titles of the episodes of the animated series of the Pink Panther included the word pink.
Pink is also the subject of a song by Aerosmith that emphasizes sexual innuendo. Among other lines, one is "Pink is like red but not quite."
Tim Hines's shoes are spray painted bright pink constantly
There is a singer called Pink
Paris Hilton says her favorite color is pink.
There is a show called Pinky and the Brain, where Pinky is named after the color pink .
"Think Pink!" is a song about fashion color trends, from Funny Face.
In Power Rangers and Super Sentai, the Pink Ranger has always been a female. In Mirai Sentai Timeranger, later Americanized into Power Rangers Time Force, the Pink Ranger is the leader of the team (a position usually held by Red Rangers).
"Pink" is a line of loungeware clothing carried by Victoria's Secret.
Pink is Shelby's (Julia Roberts) "signature color" in Steel Magnolias.

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